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In this article you can read what you need to know about facial care for men.

Your skin is the basis of your external care and should therefore not be forgotten. A good routine can change your whole look in a positive way.

Every day the skin has to deal with harmful influences such as sun, wind, cigarette smoke and CO2 emissions. These particles end up on your skin, and it's important to wash them off at the end of the day. Use a mild facial cleanser daily to clean clogged pores and prevent impurities.



Your facial hair is softer right after you shower than at any other time. This allows you to shave softer and irritate the skin less. Never use water that is too hot, as it can lead to redness and inflammation.

Use a good, mild shaving gel. Shave with the hair growth in short strokes, making sure your razor is always clean and sharp. Rinse your razor often while shaving. Immediately after shaving, use a product that soothes the skin, helps prevent irritation, red bumps and redness.



It is important to moisturize the face. Especially in the winter months where the skin needs extra hydration. You naturally moisturize the face with a face cream for men. Such a cream ensures that your face has sufficient moisture, elasticity and that skin aging is postponed as long as possible.

Your face will look healthier and feel more comfortable. You apply such a face cream after cleansing or scaling when your face is dry again. Spread the cream all over the face. Also bring your neck with you. Be careful under your eyes as the skin is extra sensitive there. Use a little bit of cream and spread it evenly over the face.