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The influence of food on your skin.

The influence of your diet and skin care on your skin. What does it do to your body?

The skin is the largest organ of your body, it protects you during the day and night. Your skin also needs a lot of care. This care is more than just taking a shower and quickly applying a cream. As the largest organ, it deserves more attention and you have to be careful with what your skin does for you. In the flow of the day you can sometimes forget that. Or you notice that your skin reacts differently or has started to look different. It could be a sign that your body is going through a change or is reacting to your diet. What you eat and drink is very important to keep your skin beautiful and healthy for a long time. Your diet has a major influence on the condition of your skin.




The steps of a good skincare routine:


1. Cleanser

When cleaning your skin, you remove (remaining) make-up, dirt and excess sebum. A cleanser also provides a hydration boost. If you have dry skin, go for a mild cleanser.


2. Toner

In step two of a good skincare routine, we grab a toner. This is very important to remove the dirt that the cleanser has left behind. It will also immediately shrink your pores and help restore your skin's PH levels for a more even complexion.


3. Spot treatment

If you are prone to pimples, this is the time to apply a cream in terms of skincare order. This so that it can absorb well. Haven't found a nice spot treatment yet? Send us a message.


4. Serum

Serums are indispensable. They contain a high concentration of active ingredients. The formula consists of smaller molecules that are absorbed by the skin at a much deeper level. This makes serums ideal when addressing a specific skincare concern, such as wrinkles or dry skin. You only need a small amount of this, by the way – about the size of two pomegranate seeds. 


5. Eye Cream

Perhaps not something you include directly in the steps of your skincare routine. But eye creams can brighten your bags, reduce inflammation and add extra moisture. Depending on the formula, it can resemble a serum or a thick moisturizer. Always apply your eye cream with your ring finger: as this is the weakest finger, don't pull on sensitive skin. A good tip is to keep your eye cream in the fridge – it will have even more effect in the morning.


6. Moisturizer

Hydrated skin is radiant skin, so never skip your moisturizer. The right moisturizing day cream hydrates, fills, restores the pH level of your skin and nourishes and repairs problems. Think of dry, flaky skin. 


7. Oils

Without a doubt one of the most powerful bottles on the shelf. And therefore an indispensable step in this order for good facial care. The small molecular structure of facial oils can penetrate deep into the skin. And hydrate on a much deeper level. They repair and replenish your skin and nourish it with amazing natural vitamins. If you have oily skin, it is better to only use the facial oil at night. 


8. SPF

Last but not least in the desired steps of your skincare routine: SPF. This is perhaps the most important step, even during the winter months. Applying a good sunscreen every morning will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. An SPF will sit on the surface of the skin as a protective barrier against the sun, so you should always apply it as a last step.