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What you should know as a woman:


The satin pillowcase

Starting with the satin pillowcase - one of the things you can do to prevent a bad hair day. With a satin pillowcase you prevent friction between your hair and your pillow. Do you ever wake up with a "scarecrow haircut"? A satin fabric prevents these kinds of struggles.


Always use a conditioner

When showering, apply conditioner only to mid-lengths and ends. Not on the scalp, then there is a good chance that your hair will become excessively oily there. Where the shampoo cleans your hair, the conditioner takes care of it. And where a shampoo opens the hair cuticles, a conditioner ensures that your hair cuticles close. This keeps your hair strong and healthy.


Wash your hair with lukewarm water

The warmer the water you use to wash your hair, the drier your hair will be. Warm water dries out because the heat opens your hair cuticles. You can also wash your hair with cold water, but a disadvantage of this is that it is difficult to degrease.


Always use a heat protection

Not the best for your hair, but so much fun to curl or style your hair! You can easily prevent damage from heat tools by protecting your hair well with a heat protector. Feel free to use your heat tool and your hair will stay nice and healthy!


Head massage

If a scalp massage is needed to get more volume, we sign for it! Your scalp contains follicles, these are small hair follicles from which your hair grows. By massaging the skin you promote blood circulation. This allows more blood to enter the follicles, allowing hair to grow healthier.


The right haircut

Cut your hair regularly – cutting it shorter creates volume. Your dots are the first to become thin and lifeless. This makes them break down quickly and it is difficult to create volume in your hair. When your hair is cut, your ends are thicker, so it's easier to create volume. In addition, your hair becomes less heavy, making it less likely to hang limp or straight along the face.


Watch out for sulfates & parabens

Especially with curly hair, it is wise to pay attention to whether a product contains sulphates and parabens. Sulfates and parabens should be avoided with curly hair to prevent dehydration.


Protect your hair from weather conditions

The weather can damage your hair. By using products with SPF in the summer, you can protect your hair from the sun. But how do you protect your hair in winter? Never ride a bike in the cold with wet hair. You also protect your hair by wearing a hat in bad weather. It doesn't hurt to be extra kind to your hair every now and then, by using a mask or hair oil.



Drinking plenty of water will keep your hair hydrated and make it stronger. Taking vitamins also makes your hair stronger and healthier.