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About us

The reason why we started Flawsome essentials is because we want to make people aware about all the harmful chemicals we use on a daily base in our cosmetics. 

All these creams and lotions wich contains chemicals show results at the very beginning, but later on it will damage your skin. When the skin is damaged it will cause irritation, dry skin or it will even makes your skin age quicker. Flawsome essentials is all about clearing the body from those harmful chemicals and replacing them with natural ingredients. 

Why the name Flawsome essentials? 

Flawsome is a combination of the words "flaws" and "awesome". It means that you are awesome and wonderful even if you do have flaws. Celebrate your flaws and be proud of them because nobody is perfect.

With this as our vision we want te make (insecure) people aware that nobody is perfect, and that everybody has their flaws. It's about embracing your flaws and being confident. The Flawsome products contain essential oils to boost your mood and calm you down when needed. 

What makes Flawsome essentials one of the best in natural products?

At Flawsome essentials we make sure that all the products that we buy in from the suppliers, are certified in making organic oils and more. Most of the essential oils we use, comes from the country of orgin. 

Every now and then new products will be added to the webshop.